Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fructose trans scarring

(Best Syndication News) - High amounts of fructose, sucrose, and trans fats increases the risk for fatty liver disease with scar tissue reported researchers from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in a new study. Fructose and Trans Fats in excess can also contribute to obesity.

The researchers point out that 10.2 percent of calories in the average American diet comes from Fructose, which eaten in excess has been associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease and liver disease. The researchers used a mouse model to investigate how obesity-related fatty liver disease develops from over consumption of fructose, sucrose, and trans fats.

The researchers sampled the blood of the mice before and during the 16 week study. They divided the mice into one group being fed a normal diet of rodent chow and another group of mice being fed fructose and sucrose enriched drinking water along with trans-fat solids. The researchers studied the liver tissue for fat content as well as scar tissue fibrosis. They measured the reactive oxygen stress markers in the blood to determine the extent of liver damage.

The normal fed mice stayed thin and didn't develop fatty liver disease while the mice that were fed a high calorie diet with the fructose, sucrose, and trans fats became obese and developed fatty liver disease.

Only the group that received the combination of trans-fat along with the high fructose diet developed the advanced fatty liver disease with scar tissue.

The researchers want to investigate how antioxidants might help to reduce liver damage in future studies. The researchers also want to further their studies with human diets on fatty liver disease and prevention.